Where to get Torrents?

It is hard to find a good torrent site these days, especially when you are looking for legal torrents. Most people are not searching for that. Well the good news is that torrents are not dead! Hurray! While it is true that the use of torrents may have declined a bit over the years, you will be glad to find that they are very much still alive and well.

Legit Torrents is probably going to be your best bet overall for finding legal stuff. Most other sites may have legal downloads, but they are mixed in with illegal ones, so its hard to be sure what you are getting. With Legit Torrents you can be confident in your downloading. Why take that risk? Finding a letter from your Internet provider in your mail box would not be a welcomed surprise for anyone. Sure you may not find your favorite movie available, but you might find you enjoy something else instead. Can’t complain if it is free right? Head on over and check it out. You will be glad you did.